Detect API hashing with YARA

Malware utilizes obfuscation to complicate its analysis. There is one obfuscation technique that targets specifically static analysis: API hashing. In a nutshell, malware uses hashes of API names (e.g. 0x0688eae1) instead of plain strings (e.g. kernel32!Sleep) to obfuscate the API functionality it relies on. This is typically a pretty nasty obfuscation technique since it requires …

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Install Bindiff on Fedora

Update 2022-01-03: I updated this blog post to work with Fedora 35, IDA Pro 7.7, and BinDiff 7.1. BinDiff is a tool to diff to binary executables and finds differences and similarities, respectively. Originally, Zynamics developed BinDiff but a couple of years ago it was bought by Google. Even though there are alternatives like Diaphora, …

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bap-mode: Emacs ❤️ BAP

The Binary Analysis Platform (BAP) is a framework for automated binary code analysis. I utilize BAP quite a lot to implement cross-architecture analyses in the realm of firmware (e.g. ARM, PPC, Mips, …). Owed to the fact that BAP lifts assembly code to an intermediate representation (IR), you can (almost) write architecture-agnostic binary analyses. Before …

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