About me

Hi there, I am Thomas and I work in cyber security.

I am interested in many things related to cyber security: reverse engineering, malware analysis, programming, and bug hunting just to name a few. I published a bunch of scientifc papers, I spoke at several conferences, I am the original author of cwe_checker, reported a plethora of bugs to several organizations/projects (e.g CVE-2018-3005, CVE-2018-17155, or NetBSD-SA2019-001), and since many years I serve on the programme committee of Botconf. Furthermore, I used to be a cooperate blogger at Telekom.com.

This blog is about sharing (technical) knowledge with the community. I am quite active on Twitter. It is great for sharing the latest news, but unfortunately, it is not adequate for sharing anything more profound or just something that should not be forgotten within 24 hours. I do not want to limit myself to only 160 characters.

The posts on this blog are technical write-ups of malware analyses, quick tips, and tricks related to the tools I use every day, book recommendations, or even personal opinions about current events in cyber security. Of course, blog posts are my own. They only reflect my personal opinions and not the opinion of any past, current, or even future employer.

Feel free to contact me via email and follow me on Twitter.